Downriver Devotion is every Wednesday at Riverview Park . The Devotion is located at milepost 3/4 at 10:30 a.m. Those wishing to attend by “land” can walk from the park. Those wishing to attend by “water” can meet at the Rivanna River Co. 1518 E. High St., at 10:00am. Rentals are available. Rev. Heaton will arrive by canoe.

Contact Rev. Heaton if you plan to attend by boat.

Please join us for a weekly Vespers service that is held every Wednesday at 5:30pm! This is a smaller service where we openly share our prayer concerns, hear the word proclaimed, and gather together at the Lord's table. Childcare is not normally provided during this worship service, but can be arranged through contacting Erika Woodling, Coordinator of Infant and Toddler Care, to make your reservation. Please contact Rev. Gary Heaton for more information on this service!

The Vespers Service is taking a break during the summer.
The service will resume at some point in the fall.