First United Methodist Preschool uses the High Scope curriculum. Based upon the teachings of Jean Piaget, children are encouraged to be active learners: creating, exploring and experimenting. There are three elements of High Scope that are distinct: planning, key experiences and adult/child interaction. The lead teachers in our classrooms have received training from the High Scope Institute.


Children are given an opportunity for planning their activities for a part of each day. The Plan-Do-Review sequence is unique to High Scope and allows children to choose, plan, do and then reflect upon their activities.

Key Experiences:

Teachers construct learning centers and plan activities based on five curriculum content areas: approaches to learning; communication, language and literacy; physical development; social and emotional development; health and well being; and arts and sciences.  Within these content areas are 58 key developmental indicators which are similar to developmental milestones

The key developmental indicators help staff nurture the whole child and tend to children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development needs.

Adult/Child Interaction:

Teachers and children become partners in learning through the High Scope curriculum.  Teachers provide a consistent daily routine and nurturing environment while observing and planning for the interests and needs of the children.

2022-2023 FUMP Parent Handbook